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However, this estimate is not terribly precise, he says. The upshot, he adds, is that scientists are finding that the Moon is much more geologically complex, and far more varied, than the Apollo astronauts could see from the handful of landing sites. I'd Cold Shadows is a great follow up to the first Ellie Jordan book. I'd love to see a flashback bit dealing with Calvin and Ellie's initial team-up. The situation that Ellie and Stacey face in Cold Shadows was, again, not your typical ghost story set up.

Bryan is good at putting unexpected twists on set-ups that look fairly straight forward. There was definitely a scene in here that made me sit up a bit straighter and go "What the?? The otherworldly presences have a few appearances that will definitely spook a gleeful scaredy-cat reader. The Paulding House was described just enough that you got a sense of the layout without having a clear cut picture of everything in your head. I think this actually works to make it creepier, because you can see it happening in a house you know easier. The Ghost Trapper series is a solid paranormal fantasy with creepy overtones.

If the books were made into films, those would most likely be skewed towards the horror genre. They're fast reads that will delight any readers who like their monsters to go bump in the night. Also, not to be forgotten, so far this series has been 'clean'. No cursing, no smoochies, no guts and gore. While I wouldn't recommend them for the under 13 age group, I'd have no problem recommending them to teenage readers.

Interest may vary depending on maturity level. Overall, Cold Shadows was a good read that thoroughly entertained me. Well worth what I paid for it! I was impressed with the first book, and Cold Shadows has me completely hooked. Ghosts can be total dicks. Especially when it involves children. Does that make sense? It feels realistic, and that actually plays a huge factor in the creepiness. I really enjoyed the mystery surrounding the ghosts that are haunting the home and the research involved.

Investigating the story behind the haunting is instrumental in dealing with the entities, and Bryan does a great job bringing it all together. Enjoyable enough. It'd been quite a long time since I read book one in this series. I honestly didn't remember much beyond the bare bones. But I was able to pick this one up without trouble.

It suffers from a bit of the "we did this" and then "we did this" writing, Ellie seems to take beating after beating without effect, and honestly I couldn't figure out how the homeowner kept sleeping through all the racket she and the ghosts must have been making.

But it was a fun little ghost mystery. I Enjoyable enough. He may not play a big part in the book, page-wise, but he is an important character. I'm sure he was in book one too, but as I'd forgotten, it got to be a new surprise again. Similarly, there are characters who are "plump," but no issue is made of it. All in all, Ellie Jordon is just as advertised, a ghost-hunter. And the book is thus exactly as you would expect, a story of hunting ghosts. There isn't yet a lot more depth to the plotting though there seem to be some hints of a deeper mystery in the future.

I'd be willing to read it. I quite liked this second entry in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series. This time out, Ellie and Stacey are hired to remove multiple ghosts from a house. A family with two children currently lives in the house, and the children a young boy and an adolescent girl are being terrorized by the ghosts.

I thought the mystery of the ghosts -- and eventually a poltergeist -- was intriguing. As with the first, this book is primarily plot-driven, with minimal character development.

However, at the end there's a glimmering that we may learn a bit more about Ellie, and that she may start to develop something of a personal life I'd give this a B, so four stars here. I'll definitely pick up the third in the series and read it at some point in the near future. Oct 24, Laura Thomas rated it it was amazing. Looks like it might be a poltergeist.

The family is experiencing loud noises, objects getting thrown around, toys playing by themselves. All that teen angst. But their younger son is experiencing some odd things too. Imaginary friends that are causing him to slowly withdraw from the family. Seems to be more powerful and have its own agenda.

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Things get more violent, and Ellie comes under attack. Which she does when she tries to tackle whatever entity is attacking the family. And she never cuts Ellie any slack about her love life, or lack of. Ellis is getting more confident as she gains experience. I hope we get that story somewhere in this series. This was another gripping ghost tale and it had a gothic feel to it.

I could see the house, scary even in the daylight. Feel the heavy, malevolent atmosphere inside. And I think I was more scared than Ellie when things got really violent. The title for this series may have you thinking of the movie Ghostbusters. You might expect it to be all fun and filled with ecto spewing ghosts. There may be some of that, but these are darker, more developed hauntings, fraught with danger. Watch your step is what I say. If you like ghost stories that make you jump at sudden noises, keep you looking at those shadows that move out of the corner of your eye, and sleep with the light on, I recommend you give this series a read.

Keep a torch handy in case the electricity goes out. I received a copy of this book for my honest review. When I read the first book in the Ellie Jordan Series I was quite enamored and while I would love to tell you that book two was equally as impressive, I just cannot do so. While "Cold Shadows" was an interesting read it spent more time discussing the mechanics of ghost hunting and trapping and less time on the personalities of the characters. The ghost busting team of Ellie and Stacie go out to a old When I read the first book in the Ellie Jordan Series I was quite enamored and while I would love to tell you that book two was equally as impressive, I just cannot do so.

The ghost busting team of Ellie and Stacie go out to a old home occupied by a family who are struggling to survive the wages of war with the ghost and with the financial burden being forced on them due to the damages cause by the ghost. We have a father, Ford, who now has emphysema since moving into the house and is now unable to work, a mother who. When the history of the house is uncovered we find that an abusive father, Isaiah, was murdered by his wife and his two boys, daughter and wife were drowned but by whom and why?

As the story unfolds and Ellie thinks she has a handle on how to stop the abusive Isaiah but does she really? There are plenty of investigative moments, action pack ghost phenomenon but very little Ellie. She does have a moment of reckoning where she considers if her lonely cat friendly existence is all there is but it would have been nice to have a romantic interest or possible interest for out ghost hunting guru.

That is when the story really came alive for me. I hope the next book provides me with more of Ellie mixed in with the spooky apparitions. This book was much more fast paced than the first and had me on the edge through the whole book. Reading it at night time I even thought I saw shadows moving. I can't wait to buy the next books in series. Nov 14, Michelle rated it really liked it.

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Cold Shadows is the second book in Ellie Jordan series, and it's taken a week or two for me to get around to reading it. Living in a haunted house has got to be creepy, right. How about living in a house with four ghosts.. Well this situation is Ellie and Stacey's next investigation, and it's one that starts off quickly. Cold Shadows was a quicker read than the previous book. I also notice a pattern with the houses Once I began reading Cold Shadows and the hauntings really started they felt more intense and more life threatening, and there was some really creepy goings on, but I loved every page of it.

Yes I was nervous, worried whether Ellie, Stacey, or even Jacob would survive the night, but it made Cold Shadows that much more gripping, and I really did not want to put it down. I really liked that we get to see more of Jacob and that he once again is recruited to help solve a case. His skills are an asset that Ellie and Stacey really need, much to Ellie's annoyance. This trio really know how to pack a punch and their teamwork together certainly gets a job done.

Cold Shadows is a great installment in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series, and the author has once again done an amazing job at drawing you in, and making you sit on the edge of you set trying to guess what is going to happen next. I can't wait to read the next chapter for Ellie and Stacey. Nov 22, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebooks , urban-fantasy , young-adult , read-in I have to say that I've enjoyed everything J.

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One thing I'm enjoying is how the past ties in with the present. Ellie has to piece together what happened long ago to figure out how it ties in with her current case. She's working off historical documents and a goodly dose of intuition although I have to say that I've enjoyed everything J. She's working off historical documents and a goodly dose of intuition although she'd tell you she follows the facts, but I like the leaps she makes to figure out who's who and why they're acting as they are. And, yes, she does follow the facts more than she intuits.

She treats her ghost hunting as a science, even when she invites the resident psychic into her investigation. I just wonder if her run-in with a malevolent spirit when she was younger makes her more open to seeing connections that others might brush aside.

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Speaking of the resident psychic, Ellie's love life is sort of a barren wasteland. While I'm not holding my breath that she's going to go for him that might make things awkward down the line , I am hoping she finds someone who can understand what she does and why she does it. It might be nice to have someone to lean on after getting thrown down a flight of stairs or two during a rough case. Bottom line: I'm loving this series and can't wait to see what crazy ghostly shenanigans Ellie and her crew uncover next.

Nov 28, Sylvia Walker rated it liked it Shelves: supernatural-tales. Again, a very scary tale with real ghosts! My two quibbles are 1 I wish the book had been longer than pages, because then 2 along with all of the scary action scenes there would have been space for new character developments.

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Bryan is a talented writer, and I'm enjoying the series very much. A little slower pace between hair-raising scenes would be a good thing, however. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Really enjoyed cold shadows!

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This is the 2nd book in the ghost trapper series and I definitely like them a lot. In fact I will probably be downloading the other two soon. I like the characters and the ghosts are always a little scary but not so scary I don't sleep for a week! What a fun series! This was such a great, easy and creative book. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story.

This is a great series so far! Each story has been well written, unique and intriguing The ghosts in this one truly fit the picture of a dysfunctional family. Love these characters and I enjoy their This one had me guessing as to the nature of the otherworldly antagonists, and I burned through it in two and a half hours, I couldn't put it down.

I might have found a new favorite book series! Jun 15, Jessica Smith rated it really liked it. You can find this review and all of my others over at www. Dad, Gord, is struggling with Emphysema, he can no longer even climb the stairs to go to bed with his wife anymore, the house is cluttered, but the family can't throw anything away as the house belongs to a cousin who is letting them stay there.

Young boy Crane, aged 7, has imagi You can find this review and all of my others over at www. Young boy Crane, aged 7, has imaginary friends Ellie must uncover the mysteries that the house holds, as well as find out all she can about a family who lived in the house years ago, she's running out of time though.

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