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Once you get past Beethoven, the cello parts tend to get a good bit more sophisticated and difficult than the violin parts. Piano trio is something you can do for a long, long time. Our pianist finally seems to be fading most unfortunately - hearing and some left arm injuries so our program this year will not be the 2nd Mendelssohn, as we had hoped and started working toward, but more likely a pot pouri of a short Greig trio, the slow movement from the 1st Mendelssohn, and the Haydn Gypsy Rondo.

Great idea; I will indeed check out some of the earlier works you mentioned first. Hopefully the cellist won't object too much ;. After playing the Mendelssohn piano trio with a different group a couple of years ago at the pianist's senior recital, hah! Really tough, actually. It took the pianist a long time just to learn the notes, and any sort of musicality or putting-together work had to come much later. And I remember balance was an issue oftentimes because the piano part was so massive. But just curious -- out of the ones I did list, which would you say are some of the more approachable ones relatively speaking?

I did notice that the Shosty has a beast cello opening with the artificial openings Not because I don't have any faith in the cellist or anything!

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It just looks like one of those inherently frustrating parts that are hard to get for anyone. I guess we'll find out when we meet for our first session :. As far as access to sheet music goes, I'll be working in an institution with a music library, which, after a brief search of various piano trio sheet music, they seem to have everything I could possibly want I was reeeaaalllly happy when I found this out :. Good luck with your trio! So amazing to hear from people who's been doing this for many many years :. I think in the beginning stages then, we'll probably check out the Haydn Gypsy Rondo Trio, A couple of earlier Beethoven ones, a couple of Mozart ones, and maybe a romantic work just for kicks, since that's where our the trio members' common interest lies, but nothing to really worry about yet.

My partner was in a piano trio that played the Beethoven Op. The same thing happened, to a lesser extent, on the Beethoven. The violin part consists mainly of quarter notes, half notes, and dotted half notes. In the first movement of the Beethoven, the violin has 2 measures of Alberti-bass 16th notes and 2 measures of E-flat major scales in 16th notes. That's it. The performance went like lightning, by the way, and the violinist sounded terrible.

The trio broke up immediately after the concert - they didn't even go out to dinner. Shar Music. Yamaha Violin Finder. Pirastro Strings. Subscribe Thanks for signing up! Email Address. Welcome, Guest! Stephen Brivati. Blacher, B. Concert piece for Wind Quintet and Strings 1.

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Bloch, E. Quintet for Piano and Strings no 1 2. Boccherini, L. Cello quintet "dello L'ucceliera" 1 Quintet in C major 1. Bolcom, W. Bourgeois, L. Bozza, E. Brahms, J. Bruch, M. Violin Concerto No. Bruhns, N. De profundis clamavi 1 Mein Herz ist bereit 1. Busoni, F. Cambini, G. Carissimi, G. Jephte 1 Jonas 1. Carter, E. Charpentier, M. Chauvon, F. Cinquieme Suite 1. Chopin, F. Clarke, J. Trumpet Voluntary 1. Cooke, A. Nocturnes 1. Corelli, A.

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Concerto Grosso No. Couperin, F.


Crawford-Seeger, R. Suite for Wind Quintet 1. D'Rivera, P. Wapango 1. Dahl, I. Allegro and Arioso for Five Wind Instruments 1. Damase, J. Danzi, F. Debussy, C. Piano trio in G major 1 String Quartet in G minor op. Serenade for String Trio in C major 1. Durand, J.

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Par le feu recueilli 1. Moravian Duets series 1 1 Piano Quartet No. Eisler, H. Divertimento for Wind Quintet 1. Ellington, E. Enescu, G. Dextet 1.

Erb, D. The Last Quintet 1. Etler, A. Wind Quintet 1. Falla, M. Nocturno 1.

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Piano Quartet No. Fine, I. Partita for Wind Quintet 1. Foerster, J. Quintet 1. Franck, C. Frank, G. St Martin's-in-the-fields lunchtime series. Mozart Mansfield Street.

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December 8th , November 27th Re-enacting famous scenes from historic TV documentaries such. Thursday 13th October , 7. Grimsby Concert Society. The Rautio Piano Trio will be joined by wonderful viola player Robin Ashwell from the Sacconi Quatet to perform a medley of popular chamber music pieces, trios and quartets. June 26th Rautio Trio: Hay Concert Series. Experience the music of Astor Piazzolla and Argentinian Tango. Sit back and relax as the trio are joined by tango dancers.

After the concert, there will be a chance to have a go at moving to this extraordinary music — no prior dance experience required! Performed on period instrumnets, using Hatchlands Erard piano. Rautio Piano Trio performs J. Performed on period instruments, using Hatchlands Erard piano.

Rautio Trio Concert Series in Chiswick. Fairfield Halls, London. February 21st , 3pm. January St James' Piccadilly London. Solo cello recital. Rautio Piano Trio, studio recording sessions. Bernstein Piano Trio Op. The Rautio Trio will perform dramatic 20th century works spanning two decades leading to the end of the Second World War. Despite the apparent contrast of American and Soviet musical styles, these three composers are linked by several historical, cultural and personal connections and all display influences of Jewish Eastern European musical tradition.

Programme incl. Royal Albert Hall, London. Faure Piano Trio in D minor Op. Three composers culturally and musically intertwined, these extraordinary impassioned works from early twentieth century Britain and France straddle World War one, a time marking the end of the romantic era. Conway Hall, London, Sunday Series.

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Beethoven Trio in D Op. Music at 22 Mansfield Street, London7pm for 7. Programme includes music by Beethoven, Franck, Bruch and Piazzolla. Rautio Piano Trio Soiree, 7. Held in a beautiful private recital room in Chiswick, with music by Beethoven, Haydn, Piazzolla, Hiller and more. Presenting some of the most wonderful piano trios in the genre, this is an intimate soiree and the best setting to hear chamber music as it was often performed in the 19th century in music parlours. Victoria Simonsen cello and Daniel de Borah piano.

Rostislav Dubinsky [Borodin Trio] :: bunebyhufyfa.tk

Bach Solo Suite no. Sunday 28th September 7. Woking Concert Society. Rautio Trio with Sarah-Jane Bradley viola. Piano Quartet in G minor, K