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The majority of veterans seeking mental health care who also receive anti-depressants do not receive adequate follow up appointments. Repeatedly, VA has been reminded that it will never improve its mental health programs if it refuses to properly document and treat existing veterans. These problems are well known and have been for a decade, but VA has refused to properly resolve the deficiencies evidenced by failed watchdog audits like the recent GAO evaluation.

Now, we have a death and shooting in El Paso. It is time to pray for the families affected and to pray that America will wake up and force VA and DoD to address these problems before we jump into more wars across the world. His name was Timothy Fjordback, a senior psychologist. Once the denial is in place, it is difficult for veterans to get access to mental health care to treat PTSD properly. He was reportedly upset about the denial.

We may never know if proper diagnosis and treatment of PTSD may have prevented this tragedy, but moving forward I hope VA will take its job more seriously related to this condition.

This is a senseless tragedy, and VA needs to fix its mental health program to catch cases like this before it is too late for everyone. Stay informed on VA news, scandals and benefits. Get our daily newsletter via email. I think that many Dr. I agree with John. I am sure that with my treatment fro major depression that I can somewhat understand that they are not getting what they need. In the other blog that Ben posted about this, I was surprised at the amount of feedback on this. I think that to have that much feedback on one site shows there is indeed a problem with the VA and their treatment of the vets who need the mental health and are not getting the correct and proper care.

Yes I have told them that and it falls on deaf ears. The VA is failing us and the recent shooting is a bold statement to that. What will the result be? The VA will blame us vets for their failure and as a result we will be the ones to suffer again for no reason other than the VA simply refuses to admit that it cannot handle our problems properly but if they send us to someone else then that may affect their bonus.

They put money over actually helping us vets. Such a shame. The VA knows the Vet psychology.. AND, if the Vet is not in treatment; they will not see the spouse!! Tried to get through to the Director; refused. So how are things working for all of you; tried to get through to your VA Director? Bureauracy…do as little as possible. His Vet counselor told him to go and get them to let him audit the class; and they refused to let him monitor the class!!

VA to Fl back to the clinic he was in when he left!! Now, do you know how hard I tried and his Vet counselor to get him to agree to go to this clinic…he put on 30 lbs while he was gone!!! No, he would have to wait to jump through protocol!! I honestly believe, after 15 years of counselling, that the end result in managing this disease is also based on the patient being able to deal with this themselves.

I do not blame the VA, the patients or anyone else but, as a patient, you have to make an honest try in recovery, try to deal with this as best you can and that will help you go on to an understanding and help yourself deal with this disease. Ron, it depends where you go. I had great care at the VA where I was first diagnosed. However, that was White River Jct. When I first wanted to see someone there, I was given an appointment 10 days out. I moved again and now go to another VA. I see my shrink every other month and new patients are seen immediately and followed up closely for the first several months.

You clearly have issues. My wife is a Physician she was appalled how my VA Doctor spoke with me and treated me. Well as I told Ms. She calls or an assistant, realizing I do have markers for PTSD no shit Also too damn nice, got the MST-raped twice, those I did not report but did tell a friend but last names hard to remember. The problem with an incorrect intake can lead to improper treatment. Understand I covered well, or so I thought, but big decisions had been a problem since those events. Sure I continued to have pain, yes it was noted while I was an active reservists, but I worked out hoping it would make the muscles stronger.

Also, gee after Desert Storm, I started to have increase pain all over, tired and at times hard to focus. In I was diagnosed with a reactive arthritis and the big F a fibromyalgia. However it changed. I had all the precursors in the service both active duty and reserves, but WASNT into complaining about any back issues, single mom, two little ones and not enough sleep! I am not an excitable person, I do however enjoy my quiet time, and wish I could sit and do things I loved, sewing, quilting and play my Cello.

I read quite a bit, I keep up with the new future of medicine as well as the psychosocial. Geesh, the games they play are idiotic and childish, and Ms. Ron, I was glad to see your contribution to this blog. I have over 40 yrs experience in the mental health field, and some of my training was at a VA Center where the Vets did receive mostly careful, conscientious and appropriate treatment. The quality of treatment varies in and outside of the VA.

Sloppy, careless prescribing of drugs is common, unfortuneately. Maybe the vet actually WAS a malingerer. I saw many people at public clinics over the years who sought disability because they preferred not to work and pretended to be unable to do things like leave the house or ride in a car. I also saw a Vietnam Vet who had been through bloody jungle skirmishes and developed PTSD, but had recovered from it by the time I started seeing him.

He had gone AWOL, and yet many years later received many thousands in back benefits due to claims made by his lawyer. What is wrong with people who jump to conclusions based on one case! Does anyone know why and if he was medically separated, medically retired or separated without benefits?

See a Problem?

If he could receive care through the VA…he had to have been honorable discharge with benefits…. BTW: you can get VA benefits with less than an honorable discharge. My question is what was the nature of his medical discharge? Mike, Can you say more about DOD disability benefits? Instead of putting Him back on blood thinners immediatelyt; they had him wait for apptmt with another Dr.!!! I am a spouse…and I could write a book!! I heard the new Secretary gave out his number? What is it…I need to call him!! DoD grants disability retirement pay or disability separation pay when a member becomes unfit for further service due to a compensable medical condition.

See DoDI Michael, I learned something and now I am a little confused on part of this. Is this right or did I get taken. I would have never taken the severance pay over taking the disability pay. I will look into your DoD reference to see what I can find out. Thank you so much for the info. When were you discharged? What service? Did the unfitting condition incur in a combat zone? Was the unfitting condition combat related? You did the right thing taking the DoD severance pay.

Indeed it can be offset by the VA comp but the earlier that is done, the sooner you get full VA comp. Michael, Discharged in , injury occurred in during training to be transferred to Turkey. Air Force was the service. No to combat zone either incurred or related. Still getting messed over on it today.

Long story that I am trying to get resolved. Current VAMC states that nothing is wrong with my knees and my other VAMC states that something is wrong and has been wrong with them for the last 10 yrs. Getting people involved above the Patient Advocate as she will not look into this.

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Thanks for the help. However, individuals receiving undesirable, bad conduct, and other types of dishonorable discharges may qualify for VA benefits depending on a determination made by VA. The Govt.

Congress has been allowing the VAs to treat us any kind of way.. We as a Nation MUST stop and treat each other with respect and diginity and quit pushing each others buttons. Dont get me started….. VA Doctors do this all the time. I wish he could have received the assistance and air processing for his claim…. Ebooks and Manuals

I never attended because of work and this was not the reason why my wife said she was attending. Went to the V A clinic in Goshen indiana to talk about my P. We give hundred of millions of dollars away to nations that claim to be our allies; yet we fail to meet the most basic needs of our Veterans. I could tell of my story of fighting the VA system,but, it would be a story many Veterans have had themselves.

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Mean while the best of our nation suffers. Unfortunately, I can see why this happens over and over again. I have used words that could be taken in a certain way during my appointments just to see if my psych. No response from it, nothing in my record about it, nothing. I have done this more than once and no I am in no way to that point or even considering that. I was curious as to if he was paying attention to me or paying more attention to all the messages he was getting on his computer I could hear them making that noise they make.

Came back to States, got married, put himself through college, started a business, and was a good provider for his family. PJ, I am not sure of what your point is here. You say you are the son of a veteran who seems to have endured a lot in his military career and I am glad that he got to come back and have a family and I am sorry for your loss.

This blog is about how us vets are being treated when we have a mental condition that desperately needs some help so we can become better and continue with our lives. Reviews military pay account transactions and reports. Fundamentals and Operations of Military and Civilian Pay Coordination Center Officer. Manages all aspects of the Military and Veterans Service Center to maintain timely, high quality services to military and veteran students Secretary Office Automation.

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