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Mourning for a martyr of justice can be traced back to three thousand years ago. Nowadays, only the mourning of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, is still being performed.

Three Days Grace - The Mountain (Official Music Video)

This tradition as a herald of spring was performed in the final days of winter. People ridiculed him by imitating his accents and behavior, laughed and threw snowballs or water at him, and in return, Kuse had red clay and threw it at people who did not give him any present or alms. Some sociologists believe that annual social rules were enacted and endorsed during this festivity and it was an opportunity for more interaction between kings and peasants. That occurrence then led to the general massacre of the Magi.

So, during this festive celebration, Magi were not allowed to appear in a public place, for one day. They were narrators of the oral lore of ancient ages through several forms of art such as music, poetry, singing, storytelling, acting, dancing, juggling, magic and acrobatics, and even tightrope walking. Gusan had an important place in Iranian social life from the Median period to the late Sasanian dynasty CE. They believed that Gusans were infidels and their art was rooted in polytheism. However, in the Achaemenid period minstrels were respected.

They had to be skilled in verbal art of poetry, music, singing, fairy tales storytelling, epic storytelling, narrating history, acting, joking and even divination, but their main work was singing and playing music. However, itinerant minstrels kept working and did their duty in the transmission of oral traditions. Their epic poems were inspired by heroes and athletes who were Zoroastrian. Lyrical poems were about the love stories of the imperial family. Narrators tell and act the stories of national heroes, while showing special pictures to the public.

In Islamic times, a person narrated the hardships of religious leaders, particularly the Shiite leaders, in a musical tone and illustrated pictures on canvas. The main subject of these pictures were the Karbala events followed by subsidiary moral stories which were gradually added to this form. They have interpreted the canvas Pardeh as the screen curtain behind which jugglers and puppeteers used to hide their techniques. In fact, this is not related to Pardeh-dari which is another name for religious picture-recitation.

Picture-recitation is an outcome of narration, public painting Naghali and a combination of music and singing that existed before the Islamic era. This form reached its zenith in cafes during thes. Narrators tell a story or an event in prose or verse, with appropriate rhythm based on the Iranian music system, play the roles of all the characters in the main story, and evoke the emotions of the audience by appropriate expressions and gestures.

Dancing, as an important part of Iranian rituals was a dramatic form for narrating various stories in different parts of Iran. This term includes some forms of drama which itinerant entertainers performed publicly. A showman had to be a wonderful storyteller, acrobat, magician and musician.

Gypsies 25 had important roles in the rise of this drama form in Iran, especially during the pre-Islamic era. Their life style and their dramatic techniques all over the world were summarized in dancing, acting, singing, bull fighting, roping, fortune telling, magic and charms casting spells.

They were scattered in many places of Asia and Europe but significant numbers of them were inhabitants of Iran and Eastern Europe. The gypsies were survivors of emigrants who came to the Iranian Plateau 26 during CE. Gypsies, through ongoing migrations and special life conditions, encountered cultures of different Iranian ethnic groups. For a long time, they transferred among those groups some forms of drama as well as some of their artistic features and techniques. In Iran, glove and string puppets were more popular than shadow puppetry. In Iran, it is an old form of drama.

Historians trace it back in to CE and arrival of Indians in Iran. There are many references in historical books about this type of drama in Iran, especially after the fourth century and advent of Islam. These performances flourished from to and different types of puppetry shows became prevalent in various parts of Iran. A person named Kaka Muhammad brought some puppets from China and developed this drama form.

Music bands were considered as a main part of the puppetry shows in Iran which usually consisted of a Tombak and Kamancheh. Kheymeh means tent; Shab is night, the time when a show is normally performed and Bazi means to play. The earliest references tell us briefly about the actual content but they show the philosophical importance of puppetry in Iran. The methods of performance, the characters, and the techniques made it unique in comparison to the other types of puppetry which have persisted for ages.

They sometimes accompanied the king on the trips and during wars to entertain the soldiers and the commanders. Actually, the continuation of these performances has led to the creation of comedy drama. Because of their sense of humor, lack of religious affiliation and traditional commitment, Iranian gypsies could safely express political and social discontent and also to break the taboos. They performed narrative dances as well as humorous plays in many celebrations and they never reprimanded for their work.

This social satire theater was performed in the yard of a house on a Howz small pool which was covered by wood boards. Among them, Siah-Bazi was more well-known because of the popularity of the character of Siah, who is the weakest character but the winner in the theatrical context. The actors had to adopt the female roles in performance because it was culturally intolerable to have women on the real stage.

Periodically, however, the women came on the stage and this socio-political theater elaborated. These are passion plays dealing with the martyrdom of Hussain. It is the only serious drama ever developed in the Islamic world, except for contemporary theater. First of all, the description of Muharram rituals has been driven from the ancient annual mourning processions in honor of Tammuz, a god of agriculture and flocks who personifies the creative powers of spring. That mold is the life and death story of the beloved and gallant prince Siavash.

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He had a foreboding of his fate, passion and cruel death like Hussain. The only fixed day and play in the Muharram repertory is the martyrdom of Hussain on the tenth day Ashura , while other episodes can be performed in varying sequences. The dramatization of the death of Hussain gives the performers and audiences an opportunity to show their own sorrows and desires as an expression of their faith within an archetypal setting.

On this day, we read a text called the Megillah of Esther, whose content should practically be censured for underage persons. Estelle Hanania lives and works in Paris. Ear Piercer A3. Mountain Music B1. Gagaku B2. A perceptual phenomena that can be produced through a combination of sensual and cognitive stimuli, ASMR adherents have produced thousands of videos on YouTube tailored to provide these sensations.

The classic Japanese novel from tells the story of a geisha in a small mountain town and her married and wealthy male lover a self-taught musician and self-appointed expert of Western ballet, respectively. Their tragic love affair, set amidst the snow, hot springs and mountains, became a thematic and contextual source for early phases of the project, and much of the music on this album is a result. This influence is most explicit in the undulating rhythms that open the first side of Vol. This second installment in what will resolve itself as a trilogy look for Vol. Just as his previous output has combined cinematic atmospheres with guitar driven climaxes that easily appeal to fans of neo-classical experimentalism and post-rock informed drone, this record opens new compositional territory while maintaining a recognizable melancholy ambience.

Aurore theme B1. Eternal Idol B2. Arrival of the trainer C1. Not to worry then… clavichord and guitars weave the darkness, supported by Jesse Sykes prophetical voice, summoning the utter walls of the threats from the external world. Mirroring the music score, Estelle Hanania presents 16 photographs from the choreographic piece, enlightening how much ice-skating can be about grace and sustain, geometry, telemetry, distance and perfection, as well as possible falls, gloomy shadows.

Metal against ice, tights and knots, spirals and scratches, shouts and winds : field recordings mold a crispy atmosphere while instruments draws some ovals shapes such as lakes, ice skating ring, cosmos belt… and a terrestrial cloud passage and eventual landing platform for a flying saucer. It was a voluptuous scene, that masquerade. But first let me tell of the rooms in which it was held. There were seven—an imperial suite. Contemporary bridges are getting built here, between psychedelic sounds and horror movie soundracks, between some modern incarnations of Nico and Catherine Ribeiro.

Built in two very distinctive parts, the EP has been recorded last summer in her very own by-the-sea recording studio Chaudelande Normandy! Bringing some unexpected orientalist colors, along some—long awaited! Using the text as a crucial starting point in the composition process, Chicaloyoh find here a new world to dig in, of which this diptych sounds like a promising very first hint. Clocking just under 20 minutes, Les Septs Salons is the beautiful echo chamber from a timeless and very unique musician.

Edition of copies worlwide with photograph by Camille Vivier. Mastered by James Plotkin. My work consists of fragments reconstructed from memories, dreams and surroundings where past and present no longer work as isolated units. My overall process is my own game of telephone, where I move between different mediums and techniques.

Something that started out as a collage on paper might become a sculpture and later a painting from another point of view, constantly changing in the search for the right medium and size for each piece. These changes in material, size and technique always involve a translation in process. During the process the qualities change but also how I think about the piece.

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Wild and free as we can be, thick and red, coming together, pulsating now and for ever full frontal and down through a hole, revisit the darkness, black is low changing colors, moving by, a couple steps further and you will roll over let all tears sail away when the horizon come closer, memories fade and the sun keeps us pale. Chris Duncan is an Oakland-based artist who employs repetition and accumulation as a basis for experiments in visual and sound based media. Suzy brilliant debut as a concrete poet.

A few photographs has randomly sneaked in the bootleg. I have a decent amount written already but I think creating under the circumstances of living in the woods would be really nice. Against Archives A2. The book is the territory B2. Carve the concept and the artichoke B3. Recherche de la base et du sommet.

It documents the gather of her early-musical studies with her actual musical practice, the reunion of her two main projects — under her own name and Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier — and finally affirms the obvious link between her visual and sonic body of work. Felicia Atkinson reaffirms here the importance of the DIY in her creating process : the artist-run space as a place to exhibit, the studio space as a whole territory to record, the book as a score, the record itself as a proper documentation for a possible sculpture. A ceremony as a possible gathering, a community shared moment, a happening, a celebration, a protest.

The first foundation of A Readymade Ceremony is the text, spread along the 5 tracks building the record. She then learned harp and piano before dropping it at 14, when she got more interested in theatre and indie rock. Writers she convokes again 17 years after on this new record. This turned out to be the instrument of McCloud Zicmuse. So months later, when he found himself again in Lyon at an art residency that had no stipend, but with a lot of tools, he gathered up used guitar strings from the rehearsal studios located next door, and put together a series of rough instruments from recouperated materials: the IAENIAEN was born.

This instrument went on to become the foundation of a commercialy successful group in Belgium, a guest in many recordings and is the basis of The Instant Instrument Workshop. He is also a bassoonist having been invited to play with Mt. Plus an underpinning of literary texts — whence the many quotations to be found on the sleeve. Flaunting otherness, the alert reader can follow a clerk of The Land of Sculptures whilst he encounters the pretty faces of The Painter, The Foreign Painter, The Tyrolese Painter and other people doing art.

Download the first chapter in PDF. CAC, Vilnius 25 Nov. Curated by Nieuwe Vide. Treignac Project, Treignac 31 Jul. Curated by DATE. La Cambre, Brussels 12 Oct. Over the past few years Gabriel Saloman has developed a reputation for releasing penetrating works of haunting beauty in his new role as a solo performer and composer.

As he continues to prolifically produce music for dance, Saloman has developed a new series with Shelter Press to make these works available: Movement Building. The first of two volumes to be released individually on vinyl and together on CD, The Disciplined Body is a 34 minute work that moves through ghostly minimalist drones, poly-vocal drumming and culminates in an aching climb through sheets of shimmering guitar chords before erupting in a violent spurt of harsh noise.

While at its climax it may be evocative of transcendental string manglers ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Godspeed You Black Emperor, in its more subtle moments it wades through the kind of blackened water that suggests the outer boundaries of ambient metal, or the ghostly remnants of a cassette dub of beatless electronics. Listeners may want to reach for the same — to do so we suggest they play this recording very very loud.

This books articulates her unique way of working through images and fiction: the painting and drawings will discuss the codes of improvisation with objects, sculptures, persons, landscapes. One inside the other, as some kind of surrealistic russian doll. As a statement disguised in a poetic novel, everybody is a foreigner, camping on some perishable and transitory spaces. The fiction allows the inner voices to become images and the archives of the pieces to shift into characters.

Loops, distortions of the reality, imaginary meanings are playing together. The books becomes a proper and new territory where art forms stand up and speak for themselves, where genres are shifting in a joyous revolution. His films, photography, publications, and installations are intimate documents of his extensive travels, collages of encounters that form spontaneously interconnected narratives. By overlaying and collaging his own photographic material, he makes associations with pop and cult imagery, opening up possibilities for interpretation.

Printed onto perforated vinyl and glued onto standard plywood, or onto rocks bought by the artist at flea markets in Arizona. He frequently collaborates with his brother, Andrew Sutherland, and with the Brooklyn-based collective, Still House Group. Peter Gizzi was born on August 7, , and grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He has also published several limited-edition chapbooks, folios, and artist books.

His work has been widely anthologized and translated into numerous languages. Noveller is the solo project of Brooklyn-based composer Sarah Lipstate while Thisquietarly is Eric Quach, unstoppable globetrotting musician from Montreal. Both use the guitar as their main instrument, creating some of the most impressive, hypnotic and rich-textured electric guitar works from the past years.

Empty architecture, luminosity, rocks and deserted zones. It happened. You were not there. You just read it. She was on hurry. Tomorrow is another day and tonight might be the night. How to be unsettled and in the meantime on site, connected to the landscape, ping-ponging from music to poetry, inside and outside the gallery space and the book form. Blurring everyday the frontier between genres, this book conceived as an on-site exhibition presents found images, sculptures, poetry and painting.

Anne Laure Sacriste is a paris-based visual artist. This is her simultaneous subversion of the ideals of classical clarity and analytical decoding: we can see only thanks to blindness and dazzlement. Mastered by James Plotkin, pressed on grm black vinyl, in a limited edition of copies worldwide. Slipping Control part 01 A2.

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Slipping Control part 02 A3. Slipping Control part 03 A4. Slipping Control part 04 A5. Slipping Control part 05 A6. Slipping Control part 06 A7. Slipping Control part 07 A8. Slipping Control part 08 A9. Slipping Control part 09 A Slipping Control part 14 B2. Slipping Control part 16 B4. Slipping Control part 17 B5. Slipping Control part 18 B6. Slipping Control part 19 B7. Slipping Control part I wanted to create one set of control sources the text and run them through a bunch of different systems the video, the book, the record etc and see how the original source material morphed and changed as it manifested in these different modalities.

The process of developing each unique work involved setting of control paths for the text to be processed though. Ben Vida is a Brooklyn based composer, improviser and artist. He produces compositions that utilize analog and digital synthesizing technologies and focus on aural phenomena and auditory illusions. This 5 tracks EP is the studio document of her solo acts played last year all over Europe.

Like a possible chanting sister soul of Emily Dickinson and Charlotte Bronte, a possible turning-tables companion of Victor Hugo, Aurelie Vivier use the voice as a pure connexion with nature forces, invisible spirits and shining elements. From the french alps to New Mexico, passing by Big Sur California Felicia Atkinson born , Paris has been doing researches about the influences of the beat generation on formations of the contemporary and through a feminist point of view. How to be unsettled and in the meantime on site, connected to the landscape, ping- ponging from music to poetry, inside and outside the gallery space.

Blurring everyday the frontier between genres, this exhibition made on site will host sculptures, sound, installation, poetry and painting. Shelter Press, the independant imprint of Bartolome Sanson and Felicia Atkinson, will display a collection of documents and objects brought from the US west coast and desert Big Sur, Ojai Valley, Joshua Tree, Flagstaff, Petrified Forest, Sedona together with a short film involving dears, photographs, vintage images of a petrified forest.

Horvitz uses art books, photography, performance art, watercolor, and mail art to create his work. First Shelter Press effort from our long time brother High Wolf. Featuring two sides of unleashed improvisations. All The Nights A2. Gloves And Tie A3. The Skeleton A4. Look My Eyes B3.

Turn Into Windy Sand B4. Creating music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation, Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussions from distant and various horizons. Singing with an almost pastoral verve, the minimalist and intimate soundscapes of Chicaloyoh combined with her simultaneously tender and strong voice are the foundation for her avant-garde mantras.

Never Alone A2. Flesh On Tape A3. Leningrad A4. Event Boundary B1. Shadow Gamelan B2. Loft Life B3. Primarily sourced from modular synthesizer, Surveillance compiles 7 tracks recorded over the last year, warped with cassette tapes and other digital tools.

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  • Beamed in like a scene from Videodrome, this sensual brand of dystopian psychedelia creates a grainy and tension filled narrative to get lost in. Inspired by the darker aspects of the constantly plugged in digital age, this album seems to turn feelings of alienation and paranoia into something cathartic. Lying somewhere between no wave dystopia and basic channel minimalism, heavy grooves and polyrhythmic percussion lay a foundation for bell like drones and decaying saw wave mantras which fade into rhythmic abstraction as distant choirs and flickering static interference hovers around the edges.

    Juvenile Record is the new poetry book wrote by the Texan singer and musician Christina Carter. Like a prayer from the South, where voices and glasses are breaking in the heavy night, memories escaping like water, falling from the hands and evaporating in the air. Objects, days, names, ages, charms, collected in the mind, folded, shouted or kissed, oftenly blessed, and sayed again. Christina Carter was born in the bayou city of Houston, Texas in November of , and co-founded the group Charalambides there in December of Ever since then, she has deeply mined her own vein of sound-as-music with voice, guitar, piano, and keys.

    Concurrent with her work as a musician, Christina has expanded her involvement in writing and visual art. A procession of giants in a field, a magician in a parking lot, a wild cave… The shadows of a singular identity are standing as a non-exotic setting yet revealing themselves as an hallucination. Graduated from Les Beaux Arts de Paris, the award-winning photographer in Hyeres Festival Estelle Hanania is not afraid by the beauty, the pure aesthetics of the clothes or the masks.

    She knows how to keep a human distance to the subject, in a natural light, in silence. Her photographs are portraits and landscapes of men becoming animals or plants, as many chimerical figures embodied in our absurd contemporary world. In the background appears a car, a road, a parking lot: such as banal infrastructures and unspectacular places.

    Extraordinary rituals required in an ordinary community, a present in syncope, nested in the reality as a strange lichen growing on a concrete wall. Debut LP of one third of avant drone metal outfit Locrian. Following on a dozen of highly regarded solo tapes and cdr, Spectral Life follows the artist through 2 tracks of electronic and acoustic drones blending in the most efficient way all the previous works of the artist.

    While the A side is made of short different synth-driven pieces blended together in an immense opening track, the B side brings us in an extensive immersive psychedelic journey. Standing as a deep emotional sonic ceremony, this new record draws Hannum at his best, finding his influences from the avant spectrum of black metal as well as bits of modern composition.

    Edition of copies. You know, a one side vinyl is a kind of second- handed moon, shining in the dust of thrift store, belonging to a suburban galaxy: you might need to hitch hike and lose you left shoe to travel in time. Ryan Foerster is born in in Newmarket, Ontario. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

    Wrapping a wide part of the artist body of work from the last few years, this new zine by Ryan Foerster features and melts found images, solar eruptions, Germs art cover, poetry and diary photography. From raw and dark figurative photographs to abstract and repetitive shapes, these images connected all together by the book form may be frightening but most likely deeply narrative. Reconstructed through the primordial forests — from the californian redwoods to the northern finland.

    A statement led by the experience of making sculptures and having drinks under a porch, drawing as making sandwiches, being in love and singing songs, watching tv shows and staring at sunsets. Both highly in the now and at the same time metaphysical. The Twenties are gone. And thirties are opening their wild gates. She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She is a visual artist, an experimental musician and the co-publisher of the independent imprint Shelter Press.

    Her paintings, drawings, sculptures and musical compositions are mostly abstract. Her work takes its sources from the American tradition of painting Morris Louis, Cy Twombly, Richard Tuttle and from avant-gardes figures who worked on chance and randomness Fluxus, John Cage, La Monte Young… as much as feminist figures in music and art. Utilizing envelope following, vocoder analysis and trigger sensing the recordings of these performances were analyzed and converted into control sources.

    These control sources were used to activate analog and digital synthesizing systems and functioned to trigger envelopes and gates, determine pitched materials and act as modulating sources for frequency and amplitude modulation. Automatic Ping A2. Automatic Melody A3. Automatic Drums A4. Automatic Drums with Melody Using purely analog synths, both build very unique although complementary compositions. He studied computer music at Berklee College of Music, where he was exposed to modern electronic music composition and synthesis. Connecting his many worlds, ideas and influences into highly personal pieces, everything Floris Vanhoof put his hands on turned into a highlight.

    Not only his solo LPs on Ultra Eczema and Kraak, but also an extensive list of stunning performances. In his live shows Vanhoof links new visual ideas to his idiosyncratic musical performances in which homemade synthesizers, exceptional ebay acquisitions and a personal framework are forged into an impressive whole.

    One of the most versatile and creatively liberated artists in Belgium. Following two LPs and bunch of tapes dropped last year, this new output is her most whispering beat orientated material to date. Dark Morse is a tabu hidden at the end of a lost road in the suburbs, a pile of crawling concrete, burried under sub basses, broken rhythms, drunken lullubies for blind dogs. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier whispers here holy encounters with dark shades moving at dawn, hoarse prayers, slum saints and never growing ghosts children…. Of course you know.

    You know. You saw her. Something New Is Happening. A swirling, heady, and darkly psychedelic barrage of loops and rhythms, layers and textures, mesmerizing and intense. The last track is a tense soundtracky stretch of layered buzz, haunting melody, a sprawl of pulsing high end over deep ominous rumbles, like the music from the scariest moment in some lost Italian giallo, stretched out into minutes instead of seconds, all tension, no release, brooding and intense, haunting and mesmerizing, fantastic stuff. Girls lying on concrete disonaurs are facing obsolete neon signs.

    Broken, knocked down, abstract, discarded, left there. The girls are naked, in black and white, static. The neons are coloured, saturated like comic strip boxes. Prehistoric monsters, mysterious beauties follow and merge with relics of modern cities. Metals, skins and stones collide. Pages unattached slide and mix to deceive time and order. Their curves sketch infinity; their hollows end in, wisps of flesh, dark at times; their eyes pierce the image when they reach you. Waxy bodies drawing the image towards a less synthetic century.

    Bodies are framed, embedded and enclosed in a photograph. Caught in between limited spaces: in the depths of a boulder, on a rocky edge, on the top of a shelf. Impossible to escape. Bodies and curios end their way here: still lives aiming at anthropomorphic shapes. In a haze of orange, green, yellow or blue—everything surfaces and evokes the colors of ancient masters. Another fact: these images are noisy. Noise, a misguiding word that silences light, and nourishes black and white for a richer silver print. These selfish pictures, pose, freeze out of a storyline.

    But they take everything they can from the present: urban oddities, the wanderings of a contempary eye, and fragments of a no longer ostentatious luxury. These images, they steal everything: remnants of forgotten French films, some Garrel, some Rivette—but there is no Amour Fou, only an imposed distance. Are they found images?

    They become a new kind of daguerreotype. It takes us the past to progress. Light as feathers, round as breasts, these images are voluptuous, straightforward, they swallow everything. Born in Paris in , Camille Vivier started her photography career as an assistant in Purple magazine. After studying at the Grenoble Fine Arts School and Saint Martins, she dedicated herself entirely to photography and works at the same time in the art and fashion worlds. In , she was awarded the Villa Medicis international grant. Vallens explores the intersection of minimal rhythms, analog processing and grayscale atmospherics.

    His layered, multidimensional methods evoke the opaque serenity of the foggy SF landscape and work to depolarize forces of light and dark. Like a twisted elegy to Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet, the folded beat of an empty motel room with a distant Tv whisper, like crispy snow falling in july, a car race in the magnolia night, Litany predicts some cosmogonic catalcysm that a muted Cassandra could mime.

    Artists never stop exploring the approach they take towards their art. The mind state, the intention of thought that is present when creating a work of art is something that is continually revised and reaffirmed.

    But also some echos of John Cage, the Blackmountain College, and the beloved environmentalist Thoreau…. Julien Langendorff was born in Paris, France, in He also plays music in Pillars of Fire, a doom-psychedelic band formed with artist Jason Glasser and singer Matteah Balm, and plays and records solo under the name, Skate Witches. It seems that a lot of artists myself included are attracted to counter culture groups from the past; hippies, goths, satanists, etc.

    For me these works create that feeling, they reference several times and things but still completely fresh. Pete Swanson — Self Help B1. Rene Hl. On the flipside we find Rene Hell following up on the cosmic analogue excursions of his Porcelain Opera LP with a side full of hardware-driven synthetic vistas. Right up there with contemporaries like Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never, Hell real name Jeff Witscher spends his side constructing the kind of intense, pastoral sci-fi sound worlds that could have been plucked from forty years in the past, or for that matter, forty years in the future.

    Skip to content. Escalade 2. MadHIT 3. Glass X 4. HIT 5. About When is one plus one not two? About New York-based artist Eli Keszler is at the apex of his career. About the book Photographies du soir consists of a series of images taken by Julien Carreyn between and About Struggle Artist is the new album from Justin C. Hepworth B1. About Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface is the title of an album derived from a series of wall drawings begun in by multi-disciplinary Paris-based artist Zin Taylor. This content is password protected.

    To view it please enter your password below: Password:. All Things Pass part 1 B. Clepsydra 2. Fortune Biscuit 3. About Musique Hydromantique is the second solo album by Tomoko Sauvage archiving many years of her performance-based practice on the waterbowls — the natural synthesizer of her invention, composed with porcelain bowls filled with water and amplified via hydrophones underwater microphones.

    My Funny Valentine CD2 1. About Shelter Press has made good on its promise to deliver the third and final volume of its series featuring Gabriel Saloman, released both on vinyl and collected with Movement Building Vol. About After studying photography, art and art criticism, Marcelline Delbecq gradually moved away from the image as such and now concentrates on writing.

    Untitled 1 A2. Untitled 5 B2. About Italian electro-acoustic composers Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti reconvene their unique Bellows collaborative project for a new album on Shelter Press. I was to come to the small town of Winschoten for a month and make the work for the exhibition. After staying in Holland for about a week, I became annoyed with the curators.

    From this annoyance I decided what work I would give to them for their exhibition. I was to disappear from Winschoten. Obviously, I would not tell them any of this. So one morning I left. I went off as if I was going to a coffee shop to work on my computer. I had my laptop, a small amount of money in my pocket, my camera, my passport. I was wearing a light jacket, and also had my notebook and a book I was reading. In my room was my wallet with some money and all my credit cards and library cards and various other IDs. I left a pile of books and the rest of my clothes and my suitcase.

    I left food, various notebooks, watercolors, my laptop case, various photocopies and receipts, and all my toiletries. I left my phone charger, my laptop charger, and my camera charger. I then got on a train and left Winschoten. There were still two or three more weeks until the exhibition was to open, and it was scheduled to be on view about a month. No one was to know what happened to me. On the last day of the exhibition I came back online and explained my piece to the curators.

    Thus we would understand each other without need of conversation. Unless you are a group of people, arrive early or be prepared to wait. The interior is as unfussy and cheerful as the food. Daily specials are scribbled on a white wall. The wide-open kitchen is visible to all. A charming outdoor patio — open when the weather allows — augments the bijou dining room. On warmer nights, the vistas of D. Throughout POV the vibe is smart, sophisticated and most of all, fun. Drinks are good — especially the snazzy hand-crafted cocktails — but a touch on the pricey side.

    Seating ranges from communal high-tops to VIP banquettes perfect for schmoozing.

    1990-2000 Seasons

    Note that the music goes up more than a few notches after 9pm, when the sounds become funkier and the mood moves to partying. Aviation geeks will enjoy watching planes follow the Potomac before landing at Reagan National Airport. Smart yet a soothing place to network or to. An extensive beverage list is complemented by quality American fare including Chesapeake Orchard Point oysters, Maryland crab cakes and bison sliders, and a talented pianist plays live jazz most nights.

    Order a Manhattan or Old Fashioned and just imagine the backroom deals and political pacts being made with the devil, as you slowly sip your cocktail and eavesdrop on the hush-hush conversations happening close-by. Opened just over three years ago by Ari and Stacy Gejdenson, Sotto delivers great live music, hearty fare and classic cocktails to the hip 14th Street crowd. Nightly music is anything from jazz and blues to neo-soul, while cocktails concocted by bartender Daniel Barnes are inspired by the Jazz Age heyday and the corresponding scene in Washington.

    SPEND REDEEM The polar opposite of a stereotypical American fashion boutique, with an austere interior and a focus on edgy, monochrome clothing in mostly black and neutral tones, Redeem is an independent store specialising in up-and-coming talent and showcasing collections by less commercial designers, including Just Female, Collina Strada, Le Specs and Won Hundred. Preferring to keep things fresh, the owners regularly change the line-up of what is showcased. Everything for sale here is high-quality and well-made in wearable condition and new items are added weekly.

    Retailing everything from handmade furniture and divine linens to scented soaps and candles, cocktail mixers and cookbooks, Red Barn Mercantile also has one of the best stationery selections in the entire D. Think candles that smell of blue spruce and spearmint, and bendy stainless-steel straws.

    From farm-fresh produce to handmade crafts and live music, Eastern Market is a must for lovers of fresh, locallysourced food and drink, arts and crafts. However, in the hands of Marcel Wanders, the globally acclaimed Dutch designer, something magical and show-stopping was created. In Andaz Amsterdam Wanders turned form, function, colour and texture on its head in a truly original yet mind mending style, with enough nods to the past and convention to even keep the traditionalists amongst us happy. He is truly a free spirit, letting his imagination run riot in forging an aesthetic that not only is a visual splendour to behold but also tells an enchanting story.

    Wanders first gained notoriety in the mid s with his award winning Knotted Chair, constructed of aramid and carbon fibres, knotted into the shape of a chair and then impregnated with epoxy resin and hung in a frame to dry, leaving the final form in the hands of gravity. The chair brought together technology, innovation, lightness and durability in a cutting-edge piece that was both practical and pleasing to look at. Under Dutch design brand Moooi, which Wanders cofounded with Casper Vissers at the turn of the new millennium, and via various high-profile collaborations with the likes of Alessi, Bisazza, Swarovski and Puma, Wanders has been catapulted to the pinnacle of the design world, a perch that he has helped to define.

    Amsterdam outpost of its upscale boutique Andaz hotel brand. Andaz strives to bridge the worlds of creativity and luxury. Integrating and re-interpreting local culture through the interiors and artwork is a fundamental component of the Andaz DNA. In Amsterdam - one of the most cosmopolitan, diverse and libertine cities on the planet, as famous for its highbrow culture and for its lowbrow sin - the incarnation of the Andaz brand is truly extraordinary.

    At Prinsengracht, housed in the former library building designed forty years earlier and occupying almost an entire block of prime Amsterdam real estate, Wanders has realised a hospitality destination that is exciting and eclectic, indulgent and fun. The feeling of being at sea continues in the front facing lounge area, with over-sized windows opening onto picturesque canal vistas.

    A giant constellation of planetary-inspired sculptural lighting hanging from the ceiling of the lobby area evokes the science and adventure of exploration. Giant white ceramic cow bells, containing chandeliers, highlight individual high-top reception and concierge desks. The deconstruction of the famous blue and white Delft pottery style is also a theme that runs throughout and appears on carpets, upholstery and other fittings in forms for which it was not originally intended. This reimagining and incorporating of the traditional in new, contemporary purposes is classic Wanders. Just in case you were wondering which century you were in, a collection of video and digital art is liberally scattered on permanent display.

    Indeed, the sensory experiences at Andaz Amsterdam are alone worthy of visiting, there literally being something to gaze or wonder at around every corner. In between are obvious and subtle references to the most important periods of Dutch history and heritage. Overall the installation is a mesmerising Wanders masterpiece of metaphor, visual imagery and story-telling. A statement ceramic chandelier hanging above the dining room table - with Delft pottery detailing and golden cherubs on each arc — is truly something to behold. The Delft followthrough to a blue living room carpet, depicting a giant map of the Netherlands, is pure genius.

    A classic Wanders-designed Alice in Wonderland-inspired metre-high crocheted mushroom lamp, with a dreamy lattice-style design, casts a slightly hallucinatory shadow over the conventional angles of the room. To the right is a master bedroom with sleeping and sitting areas, separated from each other by a television console that swivels to face either the bed of the sofa. Of course, anyone so privileged as to stay in the Prinsengracht Suite would surely have been born with a golden spoon in his or her mouth.

    To the left is a wall of wardrobes leading to a cavernous master bathroom, whose centrepiece is a huge, futuristic white part space capsule part egg bathtub. Red faucets, one of Wanders signature Delft blue ceramic chandeliers and the continuation of the golden spoon from the bedroom to bathroom add whimsical splashes of technicolour. A state-of-the-art double rain shower room and separate WC occupy one end of the master bathroom suite, while a wall of glass obscured by a retractable sheer curtain separates one side from the other.

    The icing on the cake of this truly fabulous suite is private outdoor space that runs the entire length of the apartment and can be accessed from the living room as well the bedroom. The Prinsengracht Suite is, without doubt, the perfect place for a supremely decadent stay in the most decadent of capital cities.

    Does surreal and imaginative design exist that is both intelligent and luxurious? Can one respect classical forms and tradition yet innovate with fantasy and fun, whilst creating something ground-breaking without sacrificing function and comfort? Wanders routinely achieves all of this and so much more. He pushes the envelope and takes risks, but not for the sake of shock value or ego.

    There is passion and romance in every detail. Heart, soul and intellect as well as beauty and imagination are woven into every fibre of the hotel. Visitors to Andaz Amsterdam should be prepared to slide down the rabbit hole into a strange yet novel and wonderful hospitality world. Perhaps we should be referring to Lady Gaga as the Marcel Wanders of the performance art world. The average nightly rate for the suite June - August is EUR 2, including breakfast and airport transportation.

    Having invested heavily in commercial space travel since when he founded. The price of a ticket was raised to USD, five years ago. No doubt it will go up again once the programme is eventually underway. To get there, SpaceShipTwo will be carried to 50, feet altitude At this point passengers will be travelling at three and a half times the speed of sound.

    When SpaceShipTwo reaches its highest altitude — , feet km — passengers will experience five minutes of weightlessness. At 70, feet Whilst the crash of VSS. Currently funding Blue Origin to the tune of USD1billion of Amazon stock per year, Bezos intends to continue spending his staggering amount of personal wealth on funding his space program indefinitely. Just a couple of months ago, Blue Origin launched its New Shepard 2. The capsule is carried over kilometres above Earth on a rocket, from which it then detaches.

    The capsule will land back onto earth slowed by parachutes, and can be re-used up to times, according to Blue Origin. The futuristic Space Operations Center has acoustic tiling to prevent echoing. You can literally hear a pin drop. Space exploration has indeed come a very long way since Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, on 20th July E and Egypt, which accused it of supporting terrorism and hence severed diplomatic and transport ties, Qatar has been attempting to carve out a regional identity amidst a geopolitical climate that remains tense.

    Qatar, which used to have many of its imports trans-shipped from the U. But while its solitary land border with Saudi remains closed one year on , Qatar remains isolated and is, for all intents and purposes, currently. Despite the blockade, there is enough to keep cultured travellers occupied for a couple of days in Doha. Whilst the souq is not original it is indeed an atmospheric place to spend an evening. And it has to be said that were it not for Banana Island, visiting Doha would really only be worthy of a hour stopover. The prospect of spending time on the island is alone worthy of visiting Doha.

    Yes, it really is that special. On my visit to Banana Island it was apparently running at full occupancy but felt almost deserted. This is the beauty of the place and why it has proved to be so popular, especially with the locals. To a great extent, it is. The terminal has a VIP lounge for overwater villa guests. Or you can take a minute private helicopter ride from Hamad International Airport directly to the resort and completely bypass Doha.

    The lounge, dining area, terraces and outdoor decks combine to create one sprawling indoor-outdoor living and relaxation space, complete with huge day beds and both al fresco and inside dining areas. Some days I jogged the 1. The walk back was the perfect warm-down. On the contrary, a minute treatment is usually about it for me. Any longer and I get twitchy and tire of the attention. Perfectly setting me up every morning, my days were then spent in the gym, spa, resting in my room, feasting on delicious food, catching some rays on the beach, swimming in the glassy turquoise waters or ambling barefoot along the sand, picking up shells.

    Yes, me, collecting shells. What I was going to do with them all I had no idea at the time, but it felt like the apt thing to do on Banana Island and I enjoyed every minute. I encountered maybe half a dozen expats. Almost certainly one of the best beaches in the Middle East, the serene waters ever-so-gently lapped the crescentshaped shoreline and tiny fish darted in-and-out of small rocks while uniformed beach boys periodically delivered chilled water to my sun lounger.

    From unique cultural traditions to stunning natural beauty, the Anantara brand strives to provide its patrons with unforgettable holidays in unique locations,. Perched on a granite hill, with stunning degree views of the Rajasthani landscape, CAROLYN MCKAY visits a remarkable year-old warrior fortress of towering turrets and arched windows, which has been lovingly transformed into an utterly unique luxury boutique hotel.

    With a renewed awareness of gracious hospitality and a focus on thoughtful design, a diverse range of upscale accommodation is attracting a wave of upwardly mobile visitors to this vast and diverse nation seeking a more cultural vacation experience. It maintained its autonomy during the era of the British Raj, only becoming a state of independent India in Known for its warfare and chivalry during Rajput and Mughal times, Rajasthan is attracting more travellers relishing the opportunity to explore a part of India that was once known as the land of kings and ruled by a variety of clans. Once towering forces of protection between fiercely strong and independent kingdoms, many of these forts and palaces still dot the landscape today, in varying states of majesty and decay.

    Some are now guarded by legions of monkeys and open to visitors, whilst others have sadly fallen into dreadful disrepair. Completed years ago, purely to be the first line of defence against a possible Moghul invasion, ultimately the fort did not see a battle and subsequently fell into rack and ruin. During the s, as the political and cultural landscape of Rajasthan changed, members of the remaining royal families moved into business and politics. As a result, a number of former palaces throughout Rajasthan were converted into stylish accommodation in order to provide sources of income.

    But it is highly unusual for a fort to be converted, not least due to the colossal amount of work involved. To date, Bishangarh is the only Indian warrior fort to have been transformed into a hotel. As my taxi left the Jaipur-Delhi highway, nothing prepared me for my first view of Bishangarh Fort. The sight is quite literally breathtaking.

    Perched atop a rocky hill, the ochrecoloured edifice is at once imposing and stark, whilst at the same time possessing a distinctive beauty in the midst of the harsh and unforgiving Rajasthani landscape. It took an intensive seven-year restoration of the abandoned and dilapidated ruin to sympathetically transform the fort whilst maintaining its architectural and cultural integrity. Alila properties are characterised by their refreshing design, elegant feel and personal service in unique locations. On arrival, one is somewhat overcome by a heady mix of wonder and intrigue, together with an uncertainty of what may be around the corner.

    A distinct sense of adventure, interspersed with a multitude of delightful moments, happily punctuated my Bishangarh experience and set it apart from any other hotel stay right from the get go. The imposing lower arrival area of the property - with its inviting pool,. The gym and Teen Soldiers Play Club are also located here. Cold towels and fresh juices provide welcome refreshment in the heat of the day while I meet my host and discuss plans.

    Linked by dimly lit atmospheric corridors scattered with large antiques, all are located in the main fort and obviously no two are the same. An oversized wooden door gives way to my surprisingly light and airy lodgings, decorated in a simple yet elegant style that is both luxurious and welcoming.

    The furniture is bespoke and fashioned from dark wood. Carefully placed artefacts and handmade soft furnishings provide interesting twists and colourful accents. A comfy armchair sits invitingly by an oversized bed immaculately dressed in crisp white linen. A huge TV screen is concealed by a cupboard rather than dominate the tasteful verging-onminimal space. Oversized bathrooms feature massive deep soaking tubs plenty big enough for at least two people together with a walk-in rain shower, his and hers sinks and acres of space for toiletries. A separate dressing and wardrobe area completes the suite-like layout of even the entry-level rooms.

    Irrespective, whichever onsite restaurant is chosen, every guest staying at Alila Fort Bishangarh. Carved out of granite in the old dungeon of the fort, Spa Alila provides a soothing environment in which to be indulged and rejuvenated. The project was conceived and designed to re-imagine the central business district, elevate the downtown Miami pedestrian experience and breathe new life into this previously uneventful neighbourhood.

    It has achieved all this and much more. Compared to seven or eight years ago, Brickell is now virtually unrecognisable. The first was Reach — a deluxe storeycondo building of almost units. This was soon followed by a second residential tower of the same size: Rise. In recent years the construction and unveiling of swanky new living accommodation and business premises has showed little sign of slowing-down. Residents of Reach and Rise need only head downstairs.

    In a city which is often log-jammed, the Metromover is a god-send for people who need to be whisked around Brickell and its surrounding areas. Pretty much all of Brickell City Centre has been designed. This , sq. Not only is the wonderfully artistic structure a passive cooling system that offers shade for pedestrian shoppers, but it also collects and stores rainwater that is re-used to. The structure also doubles as an eye-catching architectural installation. In a city where so many of the resorts are overtly showy, and one can often worry about what to wear just to cross a hotel lobby, EAST is aimed at unconventional travellers looking for a fun and relaxed place to stay.

    Be sure to book well in advance www. There are dozens of cool places to taste superb food and sip delectable cocktails in Brickell. I am savouring a Dhaniya - a pale green muddle of Tanqueray Gin, coriander, cucumber and lemon.

    Seasons | Juneau Symphony

    The drink is smooth and strong. Behind us is a colourful mural of richly-attired Indian figures, some in howdahs atop elephants, marching in procession towards the bar. In front of us is a scattering of lavishly carved wooden tables and chairs, the latter featuring jungle animals as armrests. The massive elephant is in fact just one of numerous bespoke artworks adorning the establishment, all fashioned by renowned Indian artisans.

    Founder Gul Vaswani opened the original Chokhi Dhani near Jaipur in as a celebration of Rajasthani cuisine and culture. Whilst it has expanded to include a five-star resort and event park, five more Chokhi Dhani restaurants have since opened across India, all garnering much acclaim. Centrale Restaurant-Bar, opened in August in an early 20th century traditional house, after two years of renovation.

    The menu changes in spring and autumn to take advantage of seasonal produce. The garden welcomes you throughout the year, surrounded by gardenias and honeysuckle, air-conditioned in summer, heated and covered in winter. The playful street-level lounge and bar is more than a touch eccentric. Think chicken lollipop pakoras, veggie samosas, ragada patties and the like.

    If it all sounds a bit gimmicky, it is, but this is just the lounge vibe — the serious business of eating is the focus of the restaurant upstairs. We are taken there by Alexa, an elegant young lady who seats us at a window table overlooking house boats bobbing on the Thames. While the menu is Rajasthani themed, dishes from other parts of the subcontinent also feature, together with techniques and ingredients borrowed from French kitchens. Amongst them, foie gras with chilli, tamarind and pumpkin, and a venison biryani.

    The must-have main course is the thali — either vegetarian Maharani or meat Maharaja. We opt for the Maharaja — a groaning wheel of small portions of variously prepared chicken, lamb and fish, dhal, breads and rice. A reasonably generous chunk of sea bass is sweet and scrumptious, and I particularly enjoy the creamy, comforting millet and yoghurt soup.

    The Safeed Maas slow braised yoghurt lamb is delightful, but it would have been nice to have been substituted, since this was also ordered as a main. My only real quibble is that some elements of the thali meant to be served hot, while delicious, were lukewarm. It is a teething problem that the restaurant will no doubt rectify swiftly.

    While there were a few wrinkles, and the Nine Elms location will be new territory for many cultured travellers, Chokhi Dhani has the potential to become a much soughtout venue. The Indian Ocean has rushed forth to spill its bounty on the shores of Ceylon for long millennia; offerings such as sprats, cuttlefish, prawn, and lobster the backbone of maritime offerings that find their way from net to table. In a nation replete with natural resources, to think that its most prized delicacy has practically become a scarcity on the island is met with raised eyebrows.

    But the staggering reality is that the bulk of catches of these succulent crustaceans are exported abroad to satiate the appetites of Singapore — sometimes up to a half tonne per day. At the forefront of this movement of reclamation, is chef Darshan Munidasa and Ministry of Crab — one of the only restaurants on the island nation dedicated to.

    Today it has gone through somewhat of a gentrification. The restaurant offers nine sittings every day just to accommodate the rush. Needless to say, reservations are an absolute must. Despite its numerous accolades, Ministry of Crab remains unpretentious at its core. The focus is on simplicity and quality of local ingredients — namely its hero crustaceans. For the uninitiated, expect to get messy. Very, very messy. A bar that would be at home in any seafaring speak-easy anchors the space at one end, while the. Some tips to keep in mind before you tuck in: male crabs are larger and will have more luscious claw meat to tease out of the shell; meanwhile, whilst female crabs may be smaller, their meat is sweeter.

    These definitely give the crabs a run for their money! Ministry of Crab is almost the certainly the best place on the planet to feast on Sri Lankan mud crab. Not to mention the most fun! I was very into metal music growing up.