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In this interview we get the details on the mage pet class, the Spiritmaster.

Find out how these elemental masters wield their magic and how they fare against the creatures of the world and against players in PvP! The mage subclasses of Aion—Sorcerer and Spiritmaster—harness the power of the elements in two different ways. Can you explain some of the lore behind the Spiritmaster and how Spiritmasters come to command the elements?

At first glance, Sorcerers and Spiritmasters actually do have some similarities.

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The big difference between a Spiritmaster and a Sorcerer is the relationship between either of them with the elements. A Sorcerer is fundamentally a scholar. A Spiritmaster is an artist. Spiritmasters have an instinctive rapport with wind, fire, water, and earth. They can coax fearsome elemental spirits into existence with the power of their charisma and their will, then send them hurtling toward their enemies. A Sorcerer could tell you what formula invokes the power of fire, but a Spiritmaster would just snap his fingers and order his Flame Spirit to attack. While Spiritmasters receive training and gradually learn more about commanding the elements, their training is more individual one-to-one mentoring and involves a lot of self-discovery to say nothing of some harsh self-testing.

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Sorcerers, on the other hand, gain power through more traditional instruction and research. For any pet class, the pet is a huge part of the look and feel of the class. It seems that Spiritmasters can conjure various elementals to do their bidding. Do these pets grow with the character or are they replaced by bigger, badder pets as a character gains in levels? Specifically, characters obtain new skills that allow them to summon larger and more powerful versions of the spirits as they level up.

During Aion beta, a Spiritmaster has skills to summon one of four spirits at a time: earth, air, fire, or water at level Are the pets something that you cast and they stay with you until you dismiss them, or does the Spiritmaster cast a pet for each battle? Spirits persist, rather than being short-term and useful for only one fight.

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Once your character summons a spirit, it stays with your character until it dies, the spirit dies, you log out, or your character crosses into a new zone. The spirit is relatively cheap and fast to summon, so as a Spiritmaster, you will want your character to have a spirit by its side at all times. Dungeon Crawling Staples? Hello everyone, Does this game contain anything like hidden doors, traps, force move tiles, dark zones, anti-magic zones etc.?

View screenshots. Mild spoilers will be present in the form of how many Portals exist, how long each of them are, and where the bosses are encountered. View all guides. Wishes to developers. Played game a little and have some thoughts: 1.

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Add auto-battle option for grind. Accelerate the switch between the game and the additional options screen, called on the right mouse click. PS Sorry for my english. This game got new game plus?


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