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Live Photos of The Weeks. Have seen these guys 5 times now and the Lonely Biscuits 3 times. Each time their shows have been outstanding. This show was another great one. Each band is sinfully under-rated. See these groups before they are gone. I thought it was a great set!

To be honest, better then I expected. First time seeing and they kinda killed it! And one of the twins bummed me a smoke outside! I met all of them once before briefly 3 years ago.

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Started listening. How to learn German with this kind of lesson effectively:. Ein wenig besser, aber immer noch nicht Samstag. Es ist Donnerstag. Ich kann das Wochenende von hier schon riechen. I can smell the weekend from here. Warum ist Montag so weit weg vom Freitag, aber Freitag so nah am Montag? Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close to Monday?

Mein Samstag lief ziemlich gut, bis ich merkte, dass es Sonntag war. My Saturday was going pretty well until I realized is was Sunday. Ich brauche wirklich einen Tag zwischen Samstag und Sonntag. I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday. Don't stop now!

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Go back up and practice again. Repeat the vocabulary lesson above every day for the next few days. You will be amazed by your progress. Lesson Home: Similarities between German and English.

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Lektion 1: German Articles: der, die, das. Lektion 2: Indefinite Articles: ein, eine. Lektion 4: The Word "is" in German. Lektion 5: I, you, he, she, it in German. Lektion 6: Colors in German. Lektion 7: Plural article: die.

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Lektion 8: German Numbers. Lektion 9: We, you, they in German. Lektion I love you in German.

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Lesson You, she, they in German. Lesson Er sie es instead of the Noun. Lesson Conjugation of sein and haben. Lesson Accusative Case "den". Lesson Thank you, Hello and Yes in German.

Lesson I like in German. Lesson German Opposites. Lesson How old are you? Lesson Accusative Case "einen".

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Lesson My name is Lesson My, your, his, her in German. Lesson Our, your, their in German. Lesson Happy Birthday in German. Lesson Telling Time in German. Lesson Future Tense in German. Lesson Excuse me in German.