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Emerald Mandala. The Illusion Warrior. Witt As A Weapon. The Fly in My Eye. The Final Step. Leave the Bones. The Storyteller. Tu nombre en pantalla debe contener por lo menos 2 caracteres. Seguir comprando. Por favor revisa tu carrito. No disponible para compra. Seguir comprando Pagar Seguir comprando. Descubre nuestras recomendaciones. We can instead turn those vulnerabilities into a prayer for strength, courage, guidance, and humility to receive assistance from our own inherent, True Nature.

Prayer happens by being authentic. We can pray devoutly while washing dishes, while baking bread, while bathing, while walking, while laughing, while crying, while smiling, while singing. Prayer can be silent or loud; chanting, whispering or screaming — breathing always. Prayer can be zen or rainbow; blank or vibrant; linking the eternal and the impermanent; the absolute and the relative; heaven and earth; formless and form…Prayer brings the Mystical into the mundane.

Prayer is a communion, a celebration of revelatory remembering. Each time we remember to Pray, through our intentions, through the gestures of our body, speech, and mind — we align with the very Source of our Being, and are thus Renewed by our own wholeness. When 2 or more beings gather and bring their prayers together through physical and telepathic synchronization of heart-effort, the Prayer expands. The Call for Light is amplified, becoming an even broader signal… True Prayer has no definition; no boundary; no rules; no nation, race or dogmatic attitude.

As we are now closing this Grand World Age Cycle BC — AD , these exact upcoming 2 years — and are an unprecedented demandingly urgent Time for Real Prayer to descend — silencing, clarifying and uplifting by offering communion, realization, and celebration. Prayer aligns us to actualize; Prayer lifts us, to receive the depths of our true being. By our willingness to exercise our capacity to Pray, we call for light, and in that call we are lifted, and we can find our way to arise to a new level, opening ourselves to access higher realms inside of us.

Prayer is answered in the true calling. We are purified in the act of letting go, and opening to assistance from a divine clarity and force larger and greater than ourselves. The Path of Prayer offers us a sacred tool which is always readily accessible. Prayer is like an ever-present candle inside the altar of our soul that we can choose to light and ignite at any moment, again and again and again. You can read a poem, caress a pet, hold your own heart, stretch your own legs with tenderness, stoke a fire, write a song, feed your mother, lend strength to someone who is down, breathe the earth into the soles of your feet.

You can hug, burn prayer smoke, ring bells, finger paint, climb a tree, make a meal, breathe in eternity, question reality, send a message, ride a dream, call an angel, imagine a bird of peace in the nest of your heart, weave a blanket, play loud drums, sit in the silence of our turning world, commune with your own heart-beat. In these times, as the human instruments that we are, sometimes we get preyed upon by lower forces within us and around us which are seeking light and liberation.

If we see suffering and insanity in the external world, we must own that it is reproduced from somewhere also within is. We must own how we are contributing to the larger world and its vibrations and manifestations. Therefore, we must all do the necessary work of being aware humans.

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This means looking at ourselves honestly, taking stock of our incongruencies and shortcomings in order to grow. I see no way to access the new vibrations that are coming to greet us, to usher in a New World Age, other than Praying to the Truth of Who We Are, over and over and over, until we are firmly seated there. We are the future generations of those who saw and anticipated the turbulence and transformation now possible on Earth, in this NOW. World Ages set the theme of the evolutionary stage. In these times, we have the opportunity to heal the continuum of our incarnations and our our ancestral lineages.

More and more doorways beyond the veil of physical duality are presenting themselves and opening as wide resources, the nearer we venture in this closing World Era process. That is all that is required for us to confront, transmute, and metamorphasize our human potential. The seed of our True Nature is our core, and it is up to us to water the flower with the flowing Prayer of our natural beingness, relaxing into its calm, all-abiding wisdom and expanse.

Death is not an escape from consciousness, it is but a shedding and transcendence of physical form. Even and especially upon death, we still must do our work navigating our consciousness. Sleeping does not negate the possibility of being in an awakened state. While prolonging an awakened state is our objective, so too is simply stirring oneself as soon as you realize you are asleep and dreaming unconscious. At any moment we can become Lucid. May we Pray to that within us that is already Awake, whole, clear and harmonious in being and action. In these times of testing, to come into our power, we must dismantle the old rigid ways of our ingrained personalities that distract us from the new dawning opportunities of the new evolutionary energies waiting to meet us and fill us with a deeper experience of our True Self.

The Grand World Age we are now closing, has been a cycle dominated by a veiled mentality of separation and disconnection, a systemic forgetting of the Sacred thread that weaves All Life. This ignorance has brought much desecration to Earth and to our own self-knowledge and worth of who we are residents of this Universe. There is no time to spare. The One Heart is calling us to Radiate its simple, pure power that Unifies all pieces. This call beckons us to reclaim our own personal, direct connection to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the multitude of Stars, the Galaxy, the Universe, The Cosmic Order.

Our Heart contains all of these elements living inside its spiritual chambers. There are celestial vibrations now descending upon us, reaching directly to purify and invigorate our hearts, to help elevate us as we steadfastly close this World Age and steadily prepare to enter a New Cycle. Why are flowers beautiful? Why is laughter healing? Why do tears and water transform? Divine is beauty; we are that Beauty.

These vibrations give us strength, guidance, and peace in our hearts. Our heart is the only place to look to see beyond fear and confusion. Our heart is our surest compass; Our sacred ally on the path of The Great Unknown.

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To determine if we are serving the Light, we need only check the quality of our attunement to our spiritual hearts. If we are veiled, stressed, afraid, judgmental, angry, reactionary, resistant, victimized, confused, suffering, then we are not in the wholeness of our mission and our True Nature. We are instead identifying with the passing clouds and forgetting the ever-present Sun.

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We are the ones to Redeem; to remove the veils covering the hidden; we are the ones who are here to transmute the poisons into medicine; to illuminate the lies and distortions; to antidote the confusion and amnesia; to journey beyond the wounds into a new liberation…. With awareness of the intrinsic sacredness of Being, we cultivate our dormant capacities and awaken out of the the sleeping world of illusion.

Contraction into darkness is no longer an option for those who are here for Victory. For as each one of us consciously takes our place in the One Heart, so the New World Age is secured for future generations. Let us not get overwhelmed by the seeming immensity of the task at hand; let us simply keep vigilantly and lovingly doing the work that is clearly ours to do, that is put in front of us, honoring our relations and responsibilities, expanding wherever we can, yet being discerning of just how much of the collective karma we bite off and chew.

Taking on too much generates a vibration of overwhelm which can lead to burn out, shutting down, and despair. Let us allow faith to fuel our human walk. Faith in the purity and wisdom of our own spiritual hearts. Faith in love itself. Let us empower and cleanse ourselves by having true compassion and forgiveness for the lost and confused beings in fear that perpetuate separation and destruction. Let us forgive ourselves when we momentarily align with these shadow paths.

Let us uplift the whole with our certainty in Love as our one and only True Nature. This moment is precious, sacred. All of our own personal karma is being greatly magnified and amplified in this purification process… As has been said, there is nowhere to escape to; no way to evade this great reconciliation process; the only way out out is through. May the shadows be exposed to the light; May the distortions of dominance, oppression and desecration be delivered to a new dawning day of Justice burning bright. As we confront our own karmic storehouses, releasing old contracts, blockages and obscurations to our HeartSelf, we are helping cleanse the collective karma, directly manifesting The Fulfillment of Prophecy.

There is no other choice; there is no other Way… Every minute detail of every encounter in every moment with life, must be scrutinized… How are we conducting ourselves? To what energies and intentions are we Aligned? This work is very serious, and calls us to the task of learning how to wield authentic wisdom and compassion. Mirror-like, non-dual, all-embracing, perceiving all-ways The Whole at work…The web weaving its Self… A pure heart that sees pure Equality, and one that perceives the Perfection in All, simply As It Is.

We are the holy intersection, now, here. Let us remind ourselves and repeat this clarity until we know it to be, our gift and responsibility…. We are the Light of the New World Age here to blaze in these challenging and dark, dying times. The schedule of this Purification is nearing the official 2-year synchronization: Our collective date with destiny has been foretold as December 21, , when the Ancient Maya have said, according to the Great Map of Vast Time, We Shall Return to a Zero-Point. A new equation; a new configuration of terrestrial, celestial and human forces aligned….

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Let us take heart as we surf the turbulent waves of this mysterious chapter in our shared Time in this world cycle. Let us ground ourselves in our Breath and find strength, grace, and clarity to avert the suffering that we no longer need to incarnate… Let us bring the peace of heart to mend the Times we walk together in. The Fulfillment is Within.

Ask and it shall be given. Sincerity is our protection and our ongoing opportunity to meditate, reflect and Serve. Let us receive and honor the One Heart. Here, Now. A Ho Mitakuye Oysin. Jai Guru Dev. The New World that is prophesied to come after the completion of the Grand Cycle on December 21, , requires our conscious participation in our evolutionary process.

We need to seek guidance, from the deepest intuitive wells of knowing and sensing, where to physically reside and be on the Earth, at all times — to be sensitive and alert to when a tide turns and the energies are inspiring movement or transition of all kinds. We must not resist change in any form. Metamorphosis is occurring on all levels, touching all life everywhere. We are collectively being liberated from a 5, year patriarchal spell of History that is founded in primal separation from the Feminine Principle.

To be on the brink of Closing the Cycle, in the death throes of a dying world mentality, withstanding the transformation of pain and wounded ignorance into compassion and wisdom, is to be participating in a Grand Awakening. This is a collective event, for being under the spell has been a collective unconscious event, perpetuated by forces of cosmic cycles which govern our development and time our evolutionary processes. This shifting of cycles is asking us to inquire: How do we literally and spiritually orient ourselves within this vast living Universe?

What are our reference points? How do we navigate our lives? From the small to the large, the subtleties to the influential lifestyle choices, the key question pointed to us as the human vehicles that we are for this Transitional Time into the new world of Remembrance is: What energies and forces are we aligning ourselves with and how are we conducting ourselves? Are we plugged into the fear grid or the love grid? As we more and more learn to stay aligned in positive vibrations we experience their harmony and protection.

Each time we come out of alignment and into states of fear, separation, resistance, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, scarcity, judgment, anger, etc — we have deep opportunities to keep studying and learning about our own vibrational signature and what energies feed it and how our environments affect it. This process of refinement also involves healing and giving love to those wounded parts of us which have felt undeserving of love. This is our ongoing work. Let it be known that the prophecies of all the worlds peoples are pointing to now, to these times. The prophecies are warnings signalling us to take stock of every implication of our existence, and to wake up to the vastness of our being.

This truly requires our whole attention. Let us surrender to the script of time we find ourselves in and both take responsibility and receive the support that the loving force of evolution itself is extending to us. Right now, even amidst the journeys through harrowing dark corridors of hells filled with tortured screams, the center of the Flowering Mandala of Being is Remembering Itself. This Flower is the new world descending into our hearts and thereby our human affairs.

But there is no guarantee of how the story unfolds and what our roles are. How do we get there? What is the Path to put out feet and our hearts on? Every day? Every moment? We must sincerely be alert and inquire into what is being asked of us in our lives to serve the Whole in these times. How much humility and influence can we have at the same time? How much mindfulness and integrity can we manifest? This planetary and personal purification process we are in at this critical moment on Earth is a grueling one. Our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical toxins and imbalances are being cleansed and exposed.

As much responsibility as we have to take right now for our human journey, we have even more support flowing to us from our True Nature reaching to illuminate us.

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Just imagine all the groups around the world who are embodying the blueprint of the new era; the new octave of compassion. Imagine all the ways people revere, celebrate, worship and channel the divine forces. So much light is being poured onto this planet, right now! The flower of self-love is coming to greet us. We are being cleansed, by fire and by water. The seed of light that births all life is singing open the petals of our hearts. Let us listen.

Let us expand, grow and become. Let us be…. To the Maya, 13 was the most sacred number of Universal Movement representing the one ever-circulating, omnipresent, ever-changing galactic symphony of life in which all is coordinated and synchronized in higher dimensional order. On the Galactic Calendar that Dr.

Arguelles has delivered for modern humanity, 13 is known as The Cosmic Tone of Presence. On the sacred calendar, each day cycle brings a distinct character and guiding focus for that time period, known as the 20 different Wavespells, one for each of the 20 Glyphs of Time. Each Wavespell brings 3 code-words that beckon us to travel into the unique dimension of being and understanding that is held by the Glyph that governs each Wavespell.

While these cycles do pertain to the specific day time period, they also exist beyond linear time in that the 20 unique Glyphs embody archetypal, universal teachings that apply at any time. Therefore, each of the 20 Glyphs that govern the 20 different Wavespells invite us, in our own time, to journey into them by contemplating and meditating upon their meanings and significance within our lives.

The 3 code-words of each Glyph are focal points which serve as universal keys to assist our continual learning and awakening process here, together, in this Earth School. Unified in Natural Time, people in 90 countries are joined in this connection. As we surf these day waves and ride the Spirals, we are evolving in time, exploring and awakening together!

This is a VERY important day to do ceremony and attune yourself to these accelerated and shifting times. We must make direct connection to the Earth, to the Cosmic realms, and to our own Spiritual Guides that live within our hearts… Every day counts! Also, start planning your December 21, Ceremonies Now! It is essential we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion. Especially as we know that each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential.

Let us now journey into the realm of Blue Night and its key words…. Life is a Dream, and indeed we are row row rowing our boats… But are we flowing merrily down the stream? The waters seem to be moving ever faster all around us…. And what we dream will become real in this world.

This is the Mayan belief: that as we move closer to December 21, , and Feb 19, , the power of the Dreamer becomes stronger and stronger…The Inner Worlds and the Outer World will begin to merge into one. As we remember to remember the dreamlike nature of life, and awaken to our creative powers in the art of being alive, we are illuminated by seeing the influence our inner landscape has upon our outer environments.

To awaken, we have to investigate our conditioning, and find the truth of who we are. Our true nature lives beyond the mind, it is sourced in the Heart. This prophecy of is precisely highlighting the need for us to shed layers of our limiting conditioning so that we can awaken out of density and fear and actualize our human potential.

In this planetary moment, we share in quite a collective dream. Each one of us in every moment is contributing to our shared experience, the dream in our hearts wanting to flower, and the fears in the shadows seeking light. Our awakening process will continue as our humanity continues to be tested and purified, facing the realities of our own mentalities and the wake-up calls of the Earth itself. This is the chapter we are in, in the Book of Time. It is a sacred moment. Like a dream, how are we prioritizing the pages of our lives? The opportunity that calls to us is awakening to the Art of collaboration within, or as, the Dream.

Recognizing the creative potency of our being, our responses, our judgments, our inspirations, our compassion, our sincerity… We are emanations of the creative life force of the Universe. Beauty is our Nature. Knowing where we are at, amidst these grand cycles, we must awaken out of the sleep of fear and lift our senses to perceive, receive and transmit the energies and intelligence of the love-based Cosmos which is the context for this journey we are on; the Source of this Stage.

To all who share in this moment, let us know that we are not victims, we are sentient participants in the ongoing experiment of Being. We are privileged to be cast in the roles we have, as there are so many opportunities to serve, to learn, to grow and to give. So much healing and beauty to unfold. Especially as we can surrender to the journey and breathe deeply through all the twists and turns in the adventures, never knowing quite where the cosmic script might take us….

Therefore, in these times of Living Prophecy, let us keep learning to meet the Dream and the power within us that generates the dreams, and really inquire and see what is beyond the veils of projections. The occasions I have managed to consciously fly in my dreams stand as dreaming triumphs I will always remember and aspire to, knowing it reflects my potential. The Buddhists teach that the extent that we are conscious lucid in our night dreams reflects how conscious we can hope to be in the Bardo state we enter after the death of the physical body.

According to Buddhist cosmology, the consciousness travels in a pure mind realm for up to days before reincarnation. It is said that while in this pure mind body, we become capable of generating great horrors or splendors. Are we the Dreamer or the Dreamed? Who are the other characters?

You are all characters in my dream, and yet so to am I but a character in your psyche. But wait, the whole veil of separation is but a spell in the dream, not the True Nature. So while it appears we each have our own dream, and our own mind-body psyche, there is in fact a collective psyche which has aspects that are conscious and those that are becoming conscious, emerging out of the depths of darkness.

Much of what is playing out in the intensity of these times is precisely that process of the collective unconscious becoming conscious. It is painful yet necessary for our evolution and maturation beyond this World Age that has dominated for over 5, years. It is here we must take our places and fulfill our duties. This is a good time to commune with our dreams and commit to moving energy towards actualizing them! Speaking our dreams, and putting them out to the field, is a powerful way to help them to manifest.

I recently learned that the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council will be hosting a gathering in Nepal in Nov Upon hearing this news, it is now at the top of my Dream list to travel to the Himalayas with my husband and son, Robert and Merlin Asher!

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After having the unspeakable honor of partaking in a week of ceremony and teachings with The Grandmothers last Summer in Oregon, I am permanently inspired by the healing and empowerment of being in their presence and joining in their alliance. On a smaller scale, one of my more immediate visions I intend to dream up is to manifest a video-camera and start recording Natural Time updates and messages on video rather than writing.

We shall see how the timing of this dream synchronistically ripens!

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If you would like to personally contribute to these dreams becoming actualized please see our Opening to Support page. Look within. See within. With closed eyes, know from within. Inside, find the source of that which we see and seek outside. Create from within. Receive clear guidance from within. Part of this awakening process is realizing Time is not money, Time is Art! Abundance and prosperity are a state of mind.

Our time is our wealth. The currency of the emerging new world is Gratitude and Generosity. Let us all be more courageous in giving of ourselves, our time, our resources. These are the most important times to support and share with one another.

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With courage and integrity, may we all manifest the financial resources we need to sustain our lives and fuel our missions in these times. Indeed, the Universe is calling and supporting each one of us to find our right livelihood; finding ways to support ourselves that are in alignment with our spiritual values. There is no time left for business as usual, these are the moments to cultivate our gifts and activate them on behalf of the Whole!

The swirling waves of this Great Purification are churning us all… Death is inside every moment, asking to meet us that we can finally accept impermanence as the ground of birth; accepting instability and unknown as our only stable ground, that we may Rise and greet Life with a new gratitude. In these times of great upheaval and unfolding, the ripples of misery, fear, despair, and powerlessness pool together with our trust, celebration, divine conviction, levity and courage. In this planetary moment, terror and miracles breathe side by side, paving the spiraling path.

Knowing these times are volatile, we need to be more accountable than ever to the fact that our personal emotional and psychic energies are feeding into the collective, right here and now. Whether we are alone, or speaking to a group of millions on TV, each of us is pulsing our intentions and vibrations into the web of life.

While there are countless ways to help physically, let us not overlook the energetic influences we have on all our relations. We must do the work of transforming grief into joy, and stress into calm, by learning how to authentically process these times and align with our heart centers. We will never be immune to the pains inherent in life, but through disciplined training of our minds, we can protect ourselves from accumulating extra layers of unnecessary suffering.

Some helpful teachings in this regard include the work of Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie. For those of us privileged to be living in situations where all of our basic needs are met, we especially need to be alert and notice that as soon as we are warm, clothed, housed and fed, we move on to fabricating immense psychological problems to obsess on and identify with.

While we may not be able to change all the physical circumstances of our lives, our power is always in how we perceive and respond to them. Attitude is everything. The times have never been so ripe for spiritual training and education of how to truly live as healthily as possible. Invest in your life; invest time in communing with your heart, cleansing your perceptions and nourishing your body; invest in your vibrational emanation! Our opportunity is to meet the intensity arising in the planetary field, and channel and release the energies through whatever healthy avenues we can discover — whether catharsis, conscious breathing, dance, movement, art, expression, ritual, prayers, meditation, processing, etc.

By offering our human vessels as mediums for the soul renewal brought by these sacred universal trials, we uplift the whole, helping transmute and liberate the pain and pressure into presence and knowing. Our contribution adds directly to the overall vibration incarnating upon the planetary scene. We are artists here collaborating in this dimension. Or perhaps we are merely the brush through which the great art moves.